SVOX Mandarin/普通话 Yun Trial

SVOX Mandarin/普通话 Yun Trial 3.1.4

适用于Android 2.1 及以上版本 软件大小:254K 下载次数:385次 软件开发:spider


SVOX Mandarin/普通话 Yun Trial
<p> SVOX中文语音包。</p>
<p> Female Mandarin voice for SVOX Classic Text-to-Speech Engine (trial).</p>
<p> Did you know that your mobile can speak Mandarin?</p>
<p> Have Yun read aloud texts from your e-book, navigation, translation and other apps in a Mandarin female, high quality and natural-sounding voice powered by SVOX.</p>
<p> When combined with TTS-enabled apps, Yun can:<br /> - give directions, allowing you to keep your eyes on the road while you're driving <br /> - read a notification containing the caller / sender's name, and read the content of an incoming call / sms / mms / email<br /> - read aloud your favorite e-books or pdf documents<br /> - help you learn Mandarin by reading aloud the correct pronunciation</p>
<p> and much more… the possibilities are limitless!</p>
<p> !!! TRY THEM ALL !!! All 40+ SVOX voices and 25+ languages are FREE during the first 2 weeks! Don't miss them!</p>
<p> NEW! Pronunciation correction feature: correct the default output according to your preferences!</p>
<p> Browse for a list of compatible apps and voice demos.</p>
<p> == INSTRUCTIONS ==<br /> 1. Install and run the voice app once
<br /> 2. Install free SVOX Classic Text-to-Speech Engine
<br /> 3. Go to Android Settings -&gt; Voice Input &amp; Output -&gt; Text-to-Speech settings.<br /> Activate SvoxClassic at the bottom of the screen.<br /> Select SvoxClassic as the Default Engine.<br /> 4. Run the voice app, click “Continue”, then follow the instructions. <br /> 5. Your SVOX Voice main screen will be now visible. Don’t forget to try the new pronunciations correction feature (‘pencil’ icon)!<br /> 6. Download other free / paid apps to combine our voice with. For example, you could try: Google Navigation (on Android 2.2 and later, only with Navigation &lt; 5.9), Moon+ Reader PRO, Voice Actions Plus, TalkToMe Classic, Book Speech Audio Books, Transzilla, Good Morning, WakeVoice...<br /> Browse for a list of frequently asked questions.<br /> And now … enjoy your FREE 2 weeks trial with your new SVOX voice!</p>
<p> == PRONUNCIATION CORRECTION FEATURE - HOW TO ==<br /> 1. Run the voice app<br /> 2. Click on the ‘pencil’ icon. The pronunciation correction screen will now be shown.<br /> 3. Tap on the Android menu key and select ‘Help’</p>
<p> == NOTES ==
<br /> 1. Google Navigation requires that the Text-to-Speech voice matches the phone language. You can change the phone language in Android Settings -&gt; Language &amp; keyboard -&gt; Select language
. <br /> Compatible with Google Navigation version &lt; 5.9<br /> 2. On Android 2.1 and earlier, only some apps, like Google Translation, support changing voices.</p>


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