Happy Restaurant cute edition

Happy Restaurant cute edition

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Happy Restaurant cute edition

HappyRestaurant cute edition is an alternate version of HappyRestaurant. It brings a whole new set of characters and furnitures.This is a business simulation game which runs on tactics. With your wisdom,you make it become bigger and richer,bring spectacular traffic and huge revenue.You are the boss of the restaurant,you don't need to do everything by yourself,you just hire people and make decisions. Staff will follow your order and work together to run business everyday!Pedestrians pass by outside,they have a chance to be enter for a meal as a customer. With charming guides and delicious food,the more customers come.Customer satisfaction is essential,each customer’s patience is limited,they demand to be served well in time,so a swift waiter is necessary.A chef with high cook skill also helps.Happy customers not only pay money and also produce a star of happiness which you can collect. It’s useful to expand your restaurant!Your employees each have different abilities,speed is for waiter,cook is for chef,charm is for guide,and math is for cashier. 4 occupations carry out their duties,cooperate with each other,serve customers.You just need to hire the right people to do the right job.Dish upgrading,food purchasing,employee hiring,employees management,restaurant decorating,restaurant expanding,treasures…for you to play. Imagine sending a gift to your chef,you can not only please the chef,and also boost his cooking ability, isn’t that good?Employee management:Different employee has different abilities, after recruiting, you may check his/her info to decide the job suit him/her.Employees take salary everyday. Their loyalty drops down if you pay them too little until the day they resign the job! So when you get rich, don't forget your employees’ remuneration.Food purchasing:Food is not produced by magic.You have to watch the inventory and check the food shop’s price which changes everyday. Purchase the resource you need: rice,noodle,vegetable,meat,seafood,soup,dumpling,salad,dessert,drink.Dish developing:Normal dishes earn money,upgraded dishes earn much more money. When you developed better dishes,customers like to pay more to taste the new ones.Report:Revenue,funds,expenditure,profit,customers and so on, display in charts.Treasures:You can buy treasures in treasure shop or get one from some NPCs. Give a treasure to one of your employees can give him/her great help. Treasures are not cheap,but they are worthy.Restaurant decoration:With happiness stars you collected and money you’ve earned,you can expand your restaurant. You can also buy desks and chairs,cookers,checkouts,flower in pots and so on to decorate your own restaurant. Make it beautiful to attract more customers to come in and have a nice dinner happily!

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