SWAT TEAM: Counter terrorist

SWAT TEAM: Counter terrorist

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SWAT TEAM: Counter terrorist 介绍

SWAT TEAM: Counter terrorist

BE PART OF A TACTICAL AND DEADLY FORCE, USED TO SUPPRESS ANY TERRORIST ACTIONThe elite unit of any police force is their SWAT Team, these teams are a civil law enforcement agency and no military unit so they are used as a last resort to uphold the law. As an an elite SWAT officer you are part of this lethal force, swat commandos take out criminals. Of Course having the best special weapons and tactics at your disposal this is a full out 3d shooter game.PERFORM HIGH RISK ARRESTS, PROTECT THE LIVES OF THE INNOCENTS Put a stop to crime in this action packed 3D shooter game, protect and serve that is what you need to do! As a realistic police simulator SWAT TEAM: Counter terrorist really sets the mark, sound effects are sharp and realistic, powerfull gun sounds once you pull the trigger of your weapons. If you love 3D S.W.A.T games you will love this newest police crime simulator game for sure! Full with different tactical game elements. Show no mercy and use deadly force on the criminals and terrorist as you are part of the elite counter terrorist force.SWAT TEAM: COUNTER TERRORIST GAME FEATURES:- Become a real life swat comando - Use lethal force and disable bombs- Using weapons is critical strike fast and hard- Take Cover as bullets will fly everywhere- Jump over boxes and aim carefully- Upgrade your weapons to become a better crime fighter- Save the city from crime and terroristFIRST ONE IN LAST ONE OUTLead the different missions as an elite swat team member, fight on different locations. Save hostages from a underground metro station. Prevent terrorist from blowing up a boat carrying nuclear cargo. This and more are the type of missions you can expect from this action packed 3D shooter game. Have fun playing this newest tactical-style shooter, move fast and quick. Sometimes with stealth, and then strike with lethal force.There's no room for mistakes. Or mercy. What's it gonna be rookie? Take on the challenge in this newest SWAT TEAM simulator game today. Follow us on all social media channels to keep up to date about everything we do at vascogames!Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/VascoGamesTwitter - https://twitter.com/VascoGamesYouTube - http://goo.gl/HChVVx

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