SWAT Counter Shoot

SWAT Counter Shoot

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SWAT Counter Shoot

Experience this most exciting and have the most amazing graphics and super physics effects of FPS games!This is a shooting game with a front-line battlefield environment. The troops provide you with all kinds of advanced weapons, with these weapons, to fight, destroy all enemies.The evil enemies are killing innocent people in our peaceful homeland. As a commando gunmen should take up arms, fight against those terrorists, destroy enemies that destroy our homes.It is time to destroy the terrorists, fighting for our homeland. The enemy has launched a violent attack, you have to face a fatal attack, rely on your fighting skills, protect your own safety, and destroy all enemies and defend your home.Ready to fight. Check your shooting skills in a variety of military missions. The commander issued a mission to you. To clear all enemies in the area. You are the battlefield shooter, all kinds of crime to fight the crime to make you excited. You fight on the battlefield, destroy the enemy, save the innocent people.Your mission is to kill these terrorists and do not need mercy. After completing the first exciting mission, you will enter the next crazy mission. After completing the mission, you will receive cash as a reward. Using these rewards cash, you can buy new guns and bullets. It is now, pick up the weapon, join the battle. The environment of this game is the most realistic and exciting.SWAT Counter Shoot Features:- First Person FPS Game- the sound of real combat- a variety of challenging missions- Real battlefield 3d environment- High quality and powerful weapon- shocking music- Smart AI, make the game more challenging

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  • SWAT Counter Shoot
    SWAT Counter Shoot
    版本: 1.0
    大小: 21.88 M

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