Grand Shooter Strike Shoot : Free FPS Game

Grand Shooter Strike Shoot : Free FPS Game

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Grand Shooter Strike Shoot : Free FPS Game 介绍

Grand Shooter Strike Shoot : Free FPS Game

Raise your weapons in a war zone because it’s the matter of your nation survival in this military operation. Your country is under attack of terrorist and suicide bombers, kill them all and rescue the hostages but be careful about snipers in combat attack. Defuse bombs and mines which is the place to kill you in the battlefield and then eliminate your enemies in this Grand Shooter free FPS game strike shoot. Shoot at site all of them with your modern guns in this shooting game 2017.You are the team member of army heroes and it’s a big responsibility to save your nation and raise the flag of operation anti terrorist. Equip yourself with modern machine guns, submachine guns, pistols, sniper and shotguns. Find the boss and attack on the head quarter of terrorism, fight and arrest them all in this war game. Combat with terrorist and militants is amazing 3d shooting war game 2017.You are the elite commando and your duty is to shoot the enemies and protect your precious country. When duty calls, you stand with your commando team boss to kill the modern terrorist in combat war. Your company of heroes needs your help to win this battle against gangsters and terrorists. You’re the leader of the combat squad so give instruction to your other team group in the force to save the country from threats from mafia lords. You are a master of stealth and fighting skills so train your squad members that how to survive in the war zone because the little mistake will kill you all and the whole country will be under the attack of terrorist. Make your own team fight on the frontline with armor and grenades. There is no rule in this modern war battlefield so load your sniper gun and fill your magazines to save the justice of your peaceful country in this SSG action commando game 2017.Put your life in the risk and save the peace of your country in this FPS shooter game. You are the terrorist hunter fail all the plans of terrorists and attack on their royal mentions. You are the hero commando in this FPS game so make some strategy to complete your missions to win this victory. This fps commando action game 2017 full of survival missions and you are the real army soldier of this game. Enjoy the real army fighting game with your shooting skill, shoot enemies and save the hostage with your sniper gun skills. When the mission completes your soldier rank will improve and it will unlock more power, armors and shooting guns. Take the challenge to complete multiple intensive levels of this commando soldier game. Your basic task is to shoot the enemies and defend your other army soldier squad with your elite commando skills. Grand Shooter free fps strike shoot game is full of action, thrill and adventure of battlefield. So, lead your commando warfare team in this new realistic action and shooting adventure game and protect your nation.So, get ready to fight with enemies of the country in this commando shooting game 2017. Be a true Military Army hero by flying over gun shooting action filled war zone to rescue your fellow injured military army soldier commandos in this thrilling iron or steel mech army rescue robot game. In the futuristic battle of machines, the rescue mission is assigned to the flying robots and to restore peace. Be the police robot and fight against the terrorist agencies, capture the bank robbers performing heist and put the prisoners in Jail. Superhero animal rescue game is an exclusive blend of US Army superhero rescue games, flying hero games, superhero adventure & super power games. You are one of the best grand city heroes from action hero legend squad, go to the grand city and complete your challenging US Army superhero rescue mission and enjoy the superhero adventure.Features:Action oriented first person shooting (FPS) gameIntensive and challenging missionsNew radar map to find your enemiesAvailable new modern weapons of war zoneReal action pack shooting scenes 3D stunning graphicsAdventures war zone environment

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Grand Shooter Strike Shoot : Free FPS Game 历史版本

  • Grand Shooter Strike Shoot : Free FPS Game
    Grand Shooter Strike Shoot : Free FPS Game
    版本: 1.1
    大小: 39.90 M
    Epic Update of 20181- More level added for user experience2- Graphics improvements3- Auto shooting4- Smooth Gameplay

Grand Shooter Strike Shoot : Free FPS Game 版本更新

Epic Update
- New Level Added For User Experience
- Graphics improvements
- Smooth Gameplay

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