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Hello, I'm Eggie (Yeah that anti-egg eater Egg you heard about). In my quest to make sure we have an egg-eating free planet, I have gained the ability to fly (well, as long as you keep tapping your phone screen)! I like running and touching the top of glass buildings (like the parkour guys, don't worry, I know thats weird too). Do not let me fall, I'll keep flying as long as you keep touching your phone screen. Help me gather enough points as I touch the glass buildings carefully, tap away, have fun and save another egg today from falling to the ground and cracking open. To gain a point, simply touch the top of any building-like object in the game. You could even do this twice or more for more points. Don't let me fall to the ground or its game over (and my spirit would hunt you)!! - Please kindly send an email to if I don't look good on your phone.

来自应用汇: Eggie

Eggie 版本更新

New Version 1.1:- Fixed Screen resolution problem for some tablets.- Improvements in game play and visuals- Added some new effects and sounds- Added my cracking sound effect- Reduced game size by 1mbFirst Version 1.0- Added Boosts so u could escape when trapped behind a wall.- Added support for versions less than android 4.0.- Fixed screen resolution problems for 16.9 aspect ratio devices.- Fixed High-score problems.

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