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Mavic Vision

Shorter days and complicated weather conditions are not going to stop you: the new Mavic Vision range, and its companion Mavic Vision app will greatly increase you visibility, wether you are riding at dawn, dusk, or during rainy days.

Launch the Mavic Vision app, place your smartphone in the Mavic Cosmic Pro Vision Softshell Jacket transparent pocket, screen facing back, and you will make sure cars will see you, and get all the information they need to stay at a safe distance from you: they will know when you are decelerating, while the animated display will make you visible even at longer distances.

Check out the Mavic Cosmic Pro Vision Softshell Jacket on With its transparent back pocket, it is the perfect way to hold your smartphone and make sure you get the best visibility.

The Mavic VISION app is not intended to replace or supplement certified safety devices nor has it been evaluated to meet any legal safety standards. Always use certified or approved lighting / safety devices that meet the legal standards and regulations for safety in your area.

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Mavic Vision 版本更新

Fix of braking detection following the update of google chrome. Need Google Chrome version > 66

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