Die in Style!

Die in Style!

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Die in Style! 介绍

Die in Style!

FORMULA: Take a bunch of veteran developers + give them 10 days to sprint code= you get a really fun, challenging & crazy puzzle game!This is the game where you can't survive…and you don't want to - you want to “Die in Style”!In the time when the Future Factory is fully controlled by robots, there is one super popular sport which demonstrates the very cultivated sense of humor of these crazy machines. They choose one lucky bot (he's happy about that, really), they put him in the death shaft (which makes the robot even happier) and then they drop the bombs (now he's in heaven…literally). The ecstatic robot is launched by the explosion and has to try to fly through three hoops in the air as fast as possible and make the audience über-passionate! If all went well then he was good enough to Die in the coolest Style!Enjoy hand-drawn graphics, interesting levels, amusing robots and crazy bombs in this original blend of what could be described as the love child of smashing games and mini-golf.MAIN FEATURES:- QUICK: one game is about 10 seconds.- PHYSICS BASED: try different angles to touch all hoops and win (…meaning die).- VARIED: unlock new Robots and Bombs to experience many new death styles.- COMPLETELY FREE: there are no in-app purchases required.- CLEVER: 24 interesting levels to beat.- IMPRESSIVE GRAPHICS: every single piece is hand-drawn.If you like the game please help us to spread it and we will continue the development and add new content every week! We plan to add soon:- 6 new levels every two weeks- Google Play support (Profile, Achievements, Leader boards)- More sound and visual effects- Rag-doll model for ejected Robots- New Bombs and Robots (e.g. Humper)- Screenshots for Facebook - ...and much more.Now go and enjoy what was achieved in less than two weeks! ;-)

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