Autorun For Skype - US

Autorun For Skype - US

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Autorun For Skype - US 介绍

Autorun For Skype - US

A simple "Set and Forget" app to re-enable Skype launch on boot. Install, Enable and Forget about it.

Skype removed the option to auto sign into Skype on device boot. I tried to ask Skype if this was a permanent change or just a bug and got a "Thanks for the feature request" canned response so I decided to fix the issue myself. I understand Skype's reason for this, but I also like the feature hence this application exists.


How to use:
Download and install Skype
Sign in and in Skype Settings make sure that "Auto Sign In" is enabled (This tells the Skype App to remember your password and sign you in on app launch).
Download, install and run this app, Press Home and forget about it. (The default options should be fine).

For 2.1, 2.2 and 2.3 devices the app will do its thing once its installed, but for 3.0+ devices you will need to open the app at least once before it will start Skype on boot.

Please keep this App on your phone main storage and not the SD Card else the app can not start Skype. App is set to install onto internal memory but mods like CyanogenMod can override this.

Depending on your Android version and Skype's install location the app will try and launch Skype in different ways. Hopefully these methods will get Skype to launch for you.

If you're getting the "no connection to internet found" message when you are actually connected then disable the internet check, its a bug in android itself.

If you have any problems with this app, you can contact me at


BOOT_COMPLETE is used to wake on device boot, then starts the Skype app, waits a few seconds then returns to the home screen.

INTERNET Permission is used for the error reporting tool and ads.

ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE is used to check the network connection to make sure you are connected to the internet before trying to launch Skype.

VIBRATE is used for the notifications when the app couldn't launch Skype.

INTERACT_ACROSS_USERS_FULL is used for 4.2 support. This permission might be removed in later versions as I think I can do the same job without it.


The name change from Skype Boot is because I have received a notice from Microsoft regarding the Skype Trademark (as I've said throughout this app's life, I am in no way connected to Skype).
Its their trademark so I have to play by their rules. So the name had to be changed.

Yeah I know the Icon on the Play Store is... Lets say "poor"... but to be on the safe side I just threw together a new icon. I will make a better one once I get the time (Which is Very Limited ATM).


This is a Skype companion app, YOU NEED SKYPE INSTALLED in order for this app to work...
This is a 3rd party app that starts Skype when your device boots, I am in no way connected to Skype. If you are having a Problem with the Skype App itself you will need to contact Skype directly as I can not help you. For Skype for Android support visit

If you need to install Skype and you can not find it in the market for what ever reason then check.


Skype is a trademark of Skype and Crosseye Jack is not affiliated, sponsored, authorised or otherwise associated by/with the Skype group of companies.

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Autorun For Skype - US 版本更新

1.2.0b: Skype v4 "Return Home After Sign in" Support.1.2.0a: Fixed a few bugsChanged Name and Icon so not to infringe any trademarks of Skype. Better Replacement Icons will be coming soon.1.2.0:Begun work on 4.2 Multi User Support (Full support will come in V2)App checks if the Skype Service is loaded before calling homeAdded the Vibrate permission which I forgotUpdated ACRA Library (Used for bug reports)Updated Admob LibraryNumerous Bug FixesCleaned up the UI

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