Im Here - Location Sharing

Im Here - Location Sharing

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Im Here - Location Sharing 介绍

Im Here - Location Sharing

I'm here - where are you?!?
Have you ever arranged to meet someone and not been able to find him or her? Perhaps you are at different ends of the train station, at a different entrance to a stadium or concert hall or at a coffee shop on a long, busy street! ;)
ImHere is an app that helps you find your friends in moments like this! Replace the countless phone calls and text messages with a few, easy clicks in the app! Find each other and watch as you move towards each other on the screen!
Invite as many people as you want into the map. Find your friends’ party, find each other at the mall, keep track of your kids at the theme park, find your friends at a rock festival…. The possibilities are endless!!
But it doesn’t stop there… we are working on further features even as this text is written!
Warning: Now for the technical bit! ;)
The app uses a combination of GPS, 3G and/or wifi to pinpoint your location and track your movements on the map. Of course, the stronger your 3G / Wifi connection, the better the app will perform! The connection that you set up with your friends is secure and once you end your participation in the session, your location is no longer displayed in the app. YOU choose who sees your location and when! YOU have the power ;)
ImHere…finding each other, made easy!

I'm here, Im here, Iam here, where are you

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