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Beat Fantasy Free

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Beat Fantasy Free 介绍

Beat Fantasy Free

GameCoaster, a one-man developer with a passion to make entertaining games, is proud to present his first ever project!"Beat Fantasy" is a beat-based action game which, unlike any other rhythm games, you focus on the beat of the music, rather than the melody.■ A rhythmical action game with a fresh feelFigure out the attack patterns of your enemies, utilize your attacks and your defenses, and achieve a high score!■ Collecting great items: an RPG-like fun factorAs you catch on with the rhythm and progress through the stages, you can get better equipment for your character.■ Countless combinations of various characters and petsTry out various characters with unique special abilities, and beat the highscore utilizing suitable pets for your characters!■ The Attribute system: Play more, get stronger!Use attribute points given to you after each game to acquire more powerful skills!■ Ranked competition with other playersThink you scored a decent score? Then check out the leaderboard.The leaderboard is automatically refreshed for you to check on your standings anytime.The permissions required upon downloading the app is to give you rewards after watching in-game ads.Google Play Game is also required for you to access in-game leaderboard, Google achievements and Google leaderboard.Any issues regarding the game should be directed to: will do my best to provide you with unique and refreshing gaming experience!■ Paid VersionPurchase the paid version to get 200 Gems and a permanent +25% Gold bonus and +10% Attribute EXP bonus.Your game data from the free version will be automatically transferred to the paid version.Check out the link below for the paid version. : RAM 2GB or Higher

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Beat Fantasy Free 历史版本

  • Beat Fantasy Free
    Beat Fantasy Free
    版本: 1.24
    大小: 49.99 M
    1. Rangers Go! Effect modest application of all characters that were not included in
    2. very difficult increase the ability value by the combo and the effect is doubled
    3. witch gauge of additional filling amount received from the combo
    4. The basic physical fitness recovery increase in the amount of Recovery items
    5. increase of gold amount coming out of the stage clear box
    6. rise basic combo score 50%
  • Beat Fantasy Free
    Beat Fantasy Free
    版本: 1.23
    大小: 49.99 M

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