Insta 1010 Retro Block Puzzle

Insta 1010 Retro Block Puzzle

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Insta 1010 Retro Block Puzzle 介绍

Insta 1010 Retro Block Puzzle

Insta 1010 is a new version of classic puzzle block game with unique colors and colorful cubes, with unique mode and unique trend, and four seasons style also! You wouldn’t be so tired of the same old endless mode ! These attractive cubes will bring you all the novel feeling!Insta 1010 Retro Block Puzzle is a creative version with Square option and Hexagon option. In each option, you can choose Classic mode or Bomb mode. It is so diverse to play ever time – everywhere with these stack! Particularly, this version bring you a new polygon : a unique Hexagon!Especially with Insta style of 4 seasons, we bring you a refreshing feeling with this new stack of Insta 1010 Retro Block Puzzle! You can choose the color , the tone you like for background or the stack : Warm tone or hot tone? Winter color or Summer color??? Crushing your boredom with this puzzle block game! Let’s fill the hole! Let's play for new version of Insta 1010!HOW TO PLAY:- Move the cube at the bottom of the screen.- Fill the holes up to clear a cube line.- The game end when you can’t put the assigned puzzle into the big polygon ( square or hexagon).- In the bomb mode, you will fill the line ( which have bomb) before it Boom!Other than the endless mode you are familiar with, we also have different modes to try out!Are you interested in quickplay - classic – games?Reached the highest score possible in vibrant game ?Do you want to play the best updated versions of those with the novel trendWe are more than happy to hear from you of any suggestions or feedback that you have or you want to just say hi. Do write to us.Download and Play Insta 1010 Retro Block Puzzle now and experience the new feeling of classic puzzle block game!DTA Mobile:Like us: us: @DTAMobile

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