Virus EXE Remover

Virus EXE Remover

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Virus EXE Remover 介绍

Virus EXE Remover

By the time when we make data transfer from several gadgets (Laptop/PC/Tablet) to our cellphone, there is a possibility of virus threat comes in picture. Without installing antivirus program, our cellphone is not capable to detect and filter infected file by virus, and because of such limitations viruses get injected into our cellphone. Now, what this viruses are? This could be any file which had designed and coded to harm cellphone data in several fashion. One of the most common file types for such infected files is ".exe".".Exe" is the type of a file which can executes from any corner within the cellphone and Erase/Expose/Corrupt valuable information like phonebook/messages/applications in cellphone. To deal with such threats, our expertised developers have came out with an elegant solution, which helps to not only detect but also helps to destroy ".exe" files from cellphone.This will give users a free space to access any content without any hesitation or burden in mind, which can be caused by a prospective threat of viruses designed in ".exe" file pattern.How viruses are spreading : for example you insert your micro sd card in laptop or desktop of your friend/relative. if their pc/laptop is infected, it will also infect your micro sd card. Now to remove exe type viruses you need to remove it manually or via a software. Our application help you to remove such viruses automatically by scanning your micro sd card and letting you decide to remove exe files or not. if you see any anonymous exe files which are not existing before in your micro sd card than you should remove it.

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Virus EXE Remover 历史版本

  • Virus EXE Remover
    Virus EXE Remover
    版本: 2.1
    大小: 1.16 M
    New version with covering more affected file type .scr , .bat , .pif , .com .Saving more time.Improved Algorithm.
  • Virus EXE Remover
    Virus EXE Remover
    版本: 1.0
    大小: 1.46 M

Virus EXE Remover 版本更新

New version with covering more affected file type .scr , .bat , .pif , .com .Saving more time.Improved Algorithm.

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